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Permanent Residence in Cyprus

Main terms & conditions


To be granted a life-long permanent residency permit in Cyprus, the applicant needs to purchase a new property or two new properties from the same developer with a total price of 300.000 Euros, excluding Value Added Tax (VAT). At the time of submission, 200.000 Euros (excluding VAT) must be transferred in settlement of the property and the contract of sale must be registered at the Land Registry Office.


The issuance of the Cyprus permanent residency permit takes about 2 months and covers all family members, including children under 25 years old. A Cyprus residency permit allows the holder to stay in Cyprus all year round although he is not obliged to do so. Additionally it opens the doors to Shengen Free travel, European grants, subsidies and more. The procedure is one of the least troublesome in the European Union.


While in other European countries residency permits are issued for a limited period of up to 5 years in Cyprus it's life-long. Another big plus of the Cyprus residency program is that in order to keep your residency You are not obliged to stay in Cyprus for 3 months a year, you only need to visit Cyprus once every two years. However, it is necessary to open a deposit account in one of the banks for 30,000 euros for a period of 3 years.


Years of hard work, experience, and success have made us the most preferred developing company on the island. You have the chance to invest in an opportunity of a lifetime; one through which we have helped hundreds of families relocate to the island of sunshine from all over the world, including Russia and Asia. You can sit back, relax, and trust us to guide your application process from start to finish. There is a large variety of properties available; their range is designed to meet all of our investor’s needs and expectations, including the qualification for a residency permit and the obtainment of a Cypriot citizenship.

Comparable Table
of EU residence permit

Name of ProgramPermanent Residence in Malta by means of InvestmentsPermanent Residence in CyprusPermanent Residence in HungaryResidence Permit in SpainResidence Permit in GreeceResidence Permit in Portugal
Amount of Investment
550,000 – 600,000 Euro (government bonds + property)
300,000 Euro (Purchase of Property)
300,000 Euro (government bonds) + 60,000 Euro fee
500,000 Euro (Purchase of one or several residential, commercial real estate as well as land)
250,000 Euro (Purchase of Property)
500,000 Euro In some regions of Portugal the limit is reduced up to 350,000 Euro (Purchase of one or two property objects)
Validity Period
Issued for 5 years with automatic extension in future
Issued for five years and gets extended for unlimited number of times without any problems
First Residence Permit is issued for 1 year, next it gets extended by two years twice and then for another 5 years
The procedure in Portugal is as follows: 1+2+2 years. After 5 years a Permanent Residence Permit may be granted
Family Members
Residence Permit applies for all members of the Investor’s family: children under the age of 18 years, the husband/wife and parents dependent on the applicant
Applies for all members of the family, including children up to 25 years and parents from both sides
Applies for the Investor and investor’s family members – husband/wife and children of minor age (under 18 years)
Applies for Investor and investor’s family members – husband/wife and children of minor age (under 18 years)
Applies for Investor and investor’s family members – husband/wife and children of minor age (under 18 years)
All the family members of the applicant – wife, children of minor age and parents from both sides (charged extra) – can also participate in the program
Timeframe for obtaining documents3 months2 months6 months4 – 6 months15 – 30 days2 months
Obligation to visit the countryYesYesNoYesYesYes
Obligation to stay in the country (minimum days per year)01 day within 2 years0
7 days within the first year, 14 days within each of the two following years
7 days within the first year, 14 days within each of the two following years


Fast and Easy: two words that are associated with purchasing property in Cyprus. It is a truly unprecedented opportunity to make the island’s luscious lifestyle your own, and simultaneously reap all the benefits that a permanent residency permit has to offer.

 Reliable and convenient public transportation system
 Most attractive tax system in the EU
An actively growing European business center
 Highest healthcare and education standards
 Part of the European Union Since since 2004
 Safest European country
 Sunniest island in Europe

A unique opportunity to become a shareholder in a European country,
and receive dividends

Give your whole family
an opportunity to start a new life with endless opportunities

Unlike other European countries, Cyprus requires you to
visit the island once every two years

Permanent residency that will last a lifetime
Delivered in as little as two months

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